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 Note about story: Becky and Dante did hook up at mooby's, becky never got pregnant pregnant, but Dante and Randal did re open the quick stop, where becky and Elias now works.

Ch. 1

"well, well. If it isn't Randal Fucking graves" Becky had been waiting 
for Randal to show up at the quick stop for 3 hours. 

"where the hell were you? You're 3 hours late, I had to deal with customers that ask the most stupid ass questions I've ever heard."

Randal couldn't help but smirk, "Told ya that after being here long enough, you would hate the fucking customers."
Becky rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"So back to my original question. Where were you?"

"Go-karts with Dante" Randal Replied

"oh yeah, today was his day off. I forgot." 

"You Forgot?!? Why? Too busy thinking of me weren't ya? I hope you don't have a crush on me." Randal smiled

"Yeah Right Graves. Who would ever in their right mind have a fucking crush on you?"
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