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Dante gets nervous

Type your cut contents here.  Ch. 2 

Becky sat down on the couch with her cell phone in her hands. 
She was debating on whether she wanted to call Dante or not. 
Finally she made up her mind that she had to talk to him.

"hello?" Asked Dante
"Dante, it's Becky"
" Oh, hey Becs. How was your day?"
" Alright I guess. Randal was late, again today. 3 hours this time! Dante, why did you take him fucking Go-Karting?"
"He practically begged me!"
"Graves? Begging? I highly doubt that."
"What did you expect me to do?" asked Dante
"Say NO!"
" Like that would work"
"I'm serious Dante! If you give in so easily, he will just keep asking." said Becky
"Look, I....I gotta go. Bye"

As becky turned off her cell phone, her appartment phone rang.
" hey this is becky, talk to me." Becky said
"'s you"  said a female voice.
"who is this?"
" It's Emma you Fucking Whore" yelled Emma, " I was expecting Dante to answer"
" He's at his mom's house"
" Hmmm, I will call him there then."
"What do you want with Dante?"
"None of your business, it's between me and Dante."
" Well it's my business too, after all, I am his girlfriend."
" Woop dee Frickin Doo, stay out of it wench."
Emma hung up.

Becky sighed and hung up the phone. She wandered into the kitchen to find something 
to eat while she waited for Dante to come home.

Just then, her appartment phone rang again.
" who the hell is calling now?" She thought to herself

"Becky?" It was Dante 
"Yeah? Are you ok?" Becky asked Dante
" Becky I'm scared, very scared."
"Becky, Randal is in the hospital, he was shot."
" Oh my god" 
" Becky, I don't know what to do!" Dante said nervously
"Hold on, I'll be there to pick you up in a minute"
"please hurry"
 About this story: Becky returns to her appartment and waits for Dante to get home.
While she waits, she has an interesting conversation with Emma on the phone.
Then Dante calls. Something bad has happened. Read more to find out!!!
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